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  • April 6, 2018
  • Master Wood Carvers

    Just because your growing your business online doesn’t mean you forget about the old-fashioned values that made you successful in the first place. Master Wood Carvers understands the importance of balancing the new frontiers of the internet with the classic hand-carved craftsmanship that made Master Wood Carvers a leader in their field.

    You’ve seen “hand-carved” woodwork before, but nothing compares to over the 40 years of experience and 500 carvers you’ll find with Master Wood Carvers. No machine can match the skill of veteran woodworkers and there is no comparison to the service and selection you get when carved wood products is your only business. Master Wood Carvers doesn’t dilute their success in wood carving with any other product lines – you won’t catch them selling light fixtures or ceramic pieces. Master Wood Carvers is sticking with what they do best and they take pride in their work, satisfaction guaranteed.

    And, when you have over 500 master wood carvers on staff, custom carving is Master Wood Carvers’ specialty. They can carve almost any design you can dream of, and will happily provide you with a custom quote quickly. Master Wood Carvers also offers an unmatched selection of hand carved corbels, moldings, capitals, onlays, architectural details, columns, stair case parts, island and corner posts and fireplace mantels, all ready to ship to you right away.

    Master Wood Carvers is doing traditional work, experiencing amazing growth, and utilizing the new frontiers of marketing – a combination sure to support continued success.

    Master Wood Carvers: Combining Old World Work & New School Strategies For Online Growth

    You wouldn’t expect 4th generation master wood carvers to be so internet savvy, but this ecommerce site really understands the web. So much, in fact, that when they decided they needed to grow their online presence and improve their sales, they turned to master search marketing specialists, Hanapin Marketing. For Master Wood Carvers, the goals were simple: build our ecommerce business and increase sales. And, they wanted to be as thorough as they are with their own hand carved wood products. That meant a comprehensive strategy of PPC combined with SEO.

    Hanapin Marketing’s team set to work by researching both the competitive space for Master Wood Carvers, doing keyword research, evaluating site copy and crawlability, and a host of other elements of their existing site. Account managers took the time to discuss and put in place both short-term and long term goals for the account as well as talking about what type of communications schedule and reporting works best for Master Wood Carvers. With a specific plan in place, Hanapin’s team hit the ground running, ready to put their online spin on the work of these old world masters. Just a few months into the account, Hanapin is already producing some big results and planning for sustained growth for Master Wood Carvers.

    With an integrated strategy of PPC and SEO rather than just one or the other, you improve your results exponentially. In the first phase of their integrated campaign, Master Wood Carvers is already proving this theory:

    Hanapin Marketing has increased PPC ad impressions 3600% and increased clicks 4875% over the first month. Certainly, you will see a dramatic increase in impressions as your PPC campaign grows in its first few months, but this kind of growth is something the experienced search marketing consultants at Hanapin Marketing see most often with clients integrating PPC and SEO strategies to maximize results.

    Over the course of 5 months, Hanapin has reduced Master Wood Carver’s cost-per-click over 50% and increased revenue from PPC 295%. Hanapin’s team not only looks to build impressions, clicks and leads right from the start, they also focus on reducing costs and maximizing investments. This helps build a stable and efficient PPC campaign that will perform better in the long run.

    Even in the first few months of their SEO project, when results are just starting to build, Master Wood Carvers was already seeing results from Hanapin’s efforts. Over the course of the first 5 months, visits to the site increased over 115% and page views increased 125%. In the most recent month, Hanapin’s team was able to increase site visits another 30%, showing a continued growth rather than an initial surge. Continued growth is the goal and, as the work Hanapin has done is implemented and search engines index the work, Hanapin expects to see goals continually met and exceeded.

    “I can’t tell people often enough that PPC can get you great results, SEO can get you great results, but combining the two is really the strongest strategy for both short term and long term growth online. Master Wood Carvers understands that making the investment and commitment now will pay off for years to come. And, the work is already boosting their bottom line just a few months in – their results are amazing, better than I see with new accounts using only SEO or PPC.”