A Detailed Look At Lightroom6

  • Adams Micheal
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  • March 3, 2015
  • As everyone knows lightroom6 is a release of Adobe, which will be very useful to improve the quality of pictures in a short time in an efficient manner. This is said to be a part of the model of Creative Cloud subscription. Lightroom6 is said to be a representation of Lightroom CC 2015 both will be using the same program, and the features will also be similar. Though the core feature will be similar, the updates will be different. The major difference between both will be the compatibility with the mobiles. Lightroom6 will not be supported by the mobile devices, but this is not the case with Lightroom CC as it will be supported by the mobile. This will also help in improving the video slideshow and web galleries.

    The prime advantage of using the lightroom6 is its speed that was the main drawback in the previous versions of the Lightroom. Hence, it is said to be the fastest version of Lightroom released. This is said to be highly advantageous as there are numerous time-saving features in it. This will be very handy to improve the performance of CPU and GPU that in turn will help in improving the speed of editing. The facial recognition is the feature that will be helping in organizing the face even in a very crowded event like wedding. The adjustment brushes and filters will be a very good idea to do masking and editing is a very precise manner. This will also help in providing highly realistic contrast images.

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